Saturday, March 26, 2011

SOLD OUT: iiamo Go Designer Milk Bottle

iiamo Go Self Heating Bottle

Dear shopper,

The first of its kind self-heating baby bottle is now available!!!

iiamo Go allows you to heat up your baby’s milk in just 4 minutes, whether you are in your car, on the plane, at the cafĂ©, beach, park…with an iiamo feeding bottle, there are no boundaries.

Key Features and Benefits:

· Bisphenol-A (BPA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), lead and phthalate free.

· Heats up the milk to 37 degrees in 4 minutes without the use of batteries nor electricity – just an organic heating cartridge.

· Heating cartridge contains no chemical – a 100% organic heating cartridge that only contains salt and water.

· iiamo go is tested and approved by Forbrugerlaboratoriet, security group A (the best category).

· iiamo teats have a built-in anti-colic ventilation system.

· Compatible with some other brands' standard size teats.

In The News

· iiamo Go is designed by world renowned Karim Rashid, who is famous for his designs for Prada, Georg Jensen, Audi, Sony, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and many moreRead more about Karim Rashid and his works

· Perfect for travelling. Read more on technogeek's comment on iiamo self heating bottles on GadgetGrid website

iiamo Warm: The Warmer Cartridge

Totally Organic, totally Cool, totally Disposable, totally Lightweight and totally Portable, this cone-shaped cartridge warms the iiamo bottle content in just 4 mins to 37 degrees celcius! Super cool (ahem..."warm") in both looks and function, at a simple twist after fitting into the cartridge chamber in the iiamo bottle, the salt and water content in the warmer simply mixes naturally to release natural heat to warm up the milk. One-time use only, this easily usable and replaceable warmer cartridge comes in a value-pack of 6. Weight of a 6-pack set is 765 grammes.

RM249 for iiamo Go

includes 1 pack of 6 pcs iiamo Warm cartridges and 1 teat.
RM209 for iiamo Go
includes 1 pc iiamo Warm cartridge and 1 teat

Free delivery within Klang Valley!

Colour available:

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2ND PRE ORDERED HISTORY BY (Updated 24/1/2011):
1. Mya Amani (white/pink) - delivered by hand 30/12/11
2. Aishah K.Dsara (white/pink) - delivered by hand 30/12/11
3. Nirza (white/pink) delivered by hand 2/1/11
4. Aisyah S.Alam (green/blue) - delivered by hand 30/12/11
5. Wan Nurul Ashikin (white/pink) - delivered via Pos Laju tracking no. EN 456557042 MY 3/1/11
6. Rahman Kadir (white/pink) - delivered via Pos Laju tracking no. EN 456556183 MY
7. Juliana (green/blue) - delivered via Pos Laju tracking no. EN 456557008 MY 3/1/11
8. Ziel (green/blue) - delivered via Pos Laju tracking no. EN 456556838 MY
9. Khairina (green/blue) - delivered by hand 2/1/11
10. Ira (white/pink) - reserved
11. Feda (white/pink and green/blue) - reserved 24/1/2011