Friday, November 19, 2010

2 Pairs Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

Are you going to Hong Kong before December 31st 2010? Include Ocean Park Hong Kong in your itenarary because mommy of Fiona et Thalia is going to give you 2 entrance adult tickets Ocean Park Hong Kong worth RM200++ for free! Jangan risau, absolutely no purchase required and no slogan. Here's the T&C:

1. You must be a Fiona et Thalia blog follower.
2. First 2 followers who drop the email with title "Saya Nak Pegi Ocean Park Please!" will get the tix.
3. Your travel proof; flight itenarary/hotel booking slip.
4. Promise to share your best photo at Ocean Park (after you back).

I heard Ocean Park Hong Kong is more huge and interesting than Disneyland HK. Jom tengok sendiri

Email me now at! Siapa cepat dia dapat!

p/s: I already gave the tix to the lucky peeps :)

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