Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SOLD OUT: Limited Stock Of Orange iiamo from RM209 per bottle!

Due to high demand, me the personal shopper is happy to announce that I'm now open the pre order for iiamo Go orange. Good deal on the price when you can get them now at RM209 including 1 teat and 1 warmer. The pre order is still open for the other 2 colors white/pink and green/blue. Drop me an email fionaetthalia@gmail.com.

Klik here for more info about iiamo Go.


  1. Hi, how can i get this bottle?

  2. Hi Syaf,

    We feel sorry to let you know that all the stocks for iiamo Go are sold out.

  3. Hi, any more available for sale? Please email me at tezng79@gmail.com.
    Thanks. Tessa. Mother of 1.